Applying for a Teaching Job: The Definitive Guide

Applying for a teaching job is the definitive guide to writing a great application for a job as a teacher or leader in a school or college.

Theo Griff has several decades of experience as a middle and senior leader in a range of education establishments: state schools, independent schools, tertiary college, sixth-form college and university, and has worked as a consultant on staff appointments to both schools and teacher and leadership recruitment agencies, both in the UK and abroad.

For nearly twelve years, she was also the forum host on a popular online advice forum for teachers, answering thousands of queries for jobseekers and helping them get jobs – and promotions – teaching in schools in the UK and in British schools abroad. The weekend seminars that she ran in the TES building in Red Lion Square in London were very popular and had extremely positive reviews from participants, as did the one-to-one career consultations that she did. For several years she contributed articles and a regular column on employment in schools to the weekly TES magazine.

During her time in school leadership, she has read thousands of applications for both classroom teaching and leadership posts, and rejected 80% of them based on the application weaknesses that she will reveal here.

Above all, in this book she is now sharing with you the secrets to success when applying for a teaching job.

Whether you are a NQT about to apply for the very first time for the job to start your career, an experienced teacher looking to move into middle leadership, or aiming for the top as a member of a senior leadership team, this book will support you throughout the application process.

Full of brand-new up-to-date tips and suggestions, this essential guide is comprehensive and thorough; it gives specific advice that makes you take a fresh look at how to write an application.

Applying for a teaching job is the practical guide that will show you step-by-step how to draft an application that effectively presents who you are, what you stand for, what you have to offer a school, and why they should appoint you. You will see the exact techniques used by successful candidates to persuade the shortlisting committee to invite them for interview. You will get the key to making sure your application stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

In Applying for a teaching job, you will learn, among others:

•Where not to look for applications advice
•The professional approach to an application
•How to tell your headteacher that you are looking elsewhere
•The level of post that you should aim for
•How to apply to a faith school or an independent school
•When to apply for a job
•How to research a school before applying and whether to visit
•The 4 main errors to avoid in an application
•What to do as an internal candidate, or if returning from teaching abroad
•The 3 main parts of an effective application
•What reason to give for leaving
•The structure and content of the statement or letter
•The executive summary, how to draft it and why you should include one
•How to apply for a senior leadership post and write an effective SLT application
•How to return to a permanent post from supply, or after time out of the classroom
•How to apply for a teaching job with an ill-health record, settlement agreement, agreed reference or criminal record

There are also examples of what to write – and what not to write – if you wish your application to lead on to an interview.

Theo’s book is available on Amazon



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